Boys U14 District T1

1Ottawa South United B14T1 Force Blue16122281265538
2Ottawa Internationals B14T116112382285435
3West Carleton B14T116110556352133
4Cumberland United B14T116101538281031
5St. Anthony B14T1 Surad1590648331527
6Ottawa City B14T1167183743-622
7Nepean Hotspurs B14T11642102639-1314
8West Ottawa B14T11512121586-715
9Ottawa Gloucester B14T1160214873-652

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1Shan DHANOAOttawa South United B14T1 Force Blue41
2Mohammad JARRAHSt. Anthony B14T1 Surad21
3Jason BOUASSALIOttawa Internationals B14T118
4Adam MAHFOUZOttawa City B14T115
5Justin PEPRAHOttawa Internationals B14T114
6Mathieu VIRCCumberland United B14T113
7Alexander PNEUMATICOSOttawa South United B14T1 Force Blue12
8Andrew DIPIETRANTONIONepean Hotspurs B14T112
9Batafala ISAKOttawa South United B14T1 Force Blue12
10Lucas ROSSWest Carleton B14T112

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Michael CLARKWest Carleton B14T14
2Carter JOHNSTON NIELSENOttawa City B14T13
3Joshua TYMCZYSZYNOttawa Internationals B14T13
4Tyler MULLERNepean Hotspurs B14T13
5Alexander GALLOttawa South United B14T1 Force Blue2
6Matthew MONROECumberland United B14T12
7Robert HUANGOttawa Internationals B14T12
8Sadeq ARWOSt. Anthony B14T1 Surad2
9Alexander Gall Ottawa South United B14T1 Force Blue1
10Mateo Ugarte Ottawa South United B14T1 Force Blue1

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