Boys U15 District

1Cumberland United B15T11091044103428
2Seaway Valley Blazers B15T1107303372624
3Ottawa City B15T1 Blue1070325151021
4Ottawa South United B15T1 Force Blue1061324121219
5Soccer Pro17 B15T1106131810819
6Ottawa South United B15T1 Power104061831-1312
7Ottawa Internationals B15T1104061222-1012
8West Ottawa B15T1103161118-710
9Russell B15T1102351421-79
10Ottawa Gloucester B15T110127942-335
11Ottawa City B15T1 Silver100010020-200

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Eddy MUTONICumberland United B15T112
2ERIC JEAURONDSeaway Valley Blazers B15T18
3Owen MANCHURCumberland United B15T18
4Jimmy BOURBONNAISSoccer Pro17 B15T17
5David LECLERCOttawa South United B15T1 Force Blue6
6Joseph JEONOttawa South United B15T1 Power6
7Peter RIZKALLACumberland United B15T16
8Xavier WHITTAKERCumberland United B15T16
9Braeden MOOREOttawa City B15T1 Blue5
10BRANDON FLARO-LAMOUREUXSeaway Valley Blazers B15T15

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1GAVIN UHRSeaway Valley Blazers B15T16
2Craig BRENNANOttawa South United B15T1 Force Blue4
3A J MONFETTEWest Ottawa B15T13
4Adam SPECOGNAOttawa Internationals B15T13
5Jimmy BOURBONNAISSoccer Pro17 B15T13
6Reilly NEWMANOttawa City B15T1 Blue3
7Harrison NEILLSoccer Pro17 B15T12
8Joshua BESTMANOttawa South United B15T1 Power2
9Tristan MASSERussell B15T11
10Tristan ROYOttawa Gloucester B15T11

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