Boys U16 District

1Seaway Valley Blazers B16T118132365204541
2Ottawa City B16T118124266273940
3Kemptville Kougars B16T118123339231639
4Ottawa South United B16T1 Power1875646361026
5Ottawa Gloucester B16T1185673535021
6Ottawa Internationals B16T1185672547-2221
7Nepean Hotspurs B16T1 A1861114361-1819
8St. Anthony B16D Surad185493246-1419
9Ottawa Gloucester B16T21860123149-1818
10West Ottawa B16T11823132664-389

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Brady LEDOUXSeaway Valley Blazers B16T128
2Adrien DEMERS-MACDONALDNepean Hotspurs B16T1 A12
3James O'DOHERTYOttawa South United B16T1 Power12
4Euan THOMOttawa Gloucester B16T111
5Nicolas CORRYOttawa Gloucester B16T210
6Peter CHAPMANOttawa South United B16T1 Power10
7Phillip BAINOttawa City B16T110
8Steven HUYNHOttawa Internationals B16T110
9Anthony VALINSeaway Valley Blazers B16T19
10Matthew JAANSALUNepean Hotspurs B16T1 A9

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Carter GUTIERREZKemptville Kougars B16T17
2Cole FRASER-DUPUISSeaway Valley Blazers B16T17
3Alex HUSSEYOttawa City B16T15
4Michael HURTUBISEOttawa Gloucester B16T23
5Craig BRENNANOttawa South United B16T1 Power2
6Spencer RICHARDOttawa Gloucester B16T12
7 Ottawa South United B16T1 Power1
8Benicio DINISOttawa Internationals B16T11
9Jackson LOYOttawa South United B16T1 Power1
10LOIC PERRIN-RIDGEWAYOttawa Internationals B16T11
11Noah STAUDTEOttawa Internationals B16T11
12Tristan DUPUISOttawa Gloucester B16T21

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