Girls U13 District T1

1West Carleton G13T112101148143431
2Seaway Valley Blazers G13T11281329171225
3Ottawa Internationals G13T11272327171023
4Cumberland United G13T1124261840-2214
5Smiths Falls G13T1123542227-514
6West Ottawa G13T1122461524-910
7Nepean Hotspurs Cardinals G13T1120111727-201

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1Jill HENNESSYWest Carleton G13T19
2Hanna WILSONWest Carleton G13T18
3Skyler GRUNEROttawa Internationals G13T18
4Emma CASSELSmiths Falls G13T16
5Katelyn SCOTTWest Carleton G13T16
6Annabelle DIONNESeaway Valley Blazers G13T15
7Gabrielle LAUGHLINSeaway Valley Blazers G13T15
8Grace BURKESmiths Falls G13T15
9Jordyn BROADHURSTWest Carleton G13T15
10Ryanna WILKINSONSmiths Falls G13T15

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Isabelle THOMPSONSeaway Valley Blazers G13T15
3Sarah CARROLLWest Carleton G13T12
4Tong ShahinOttawa Internationals G13T12
5Jessica CALLAGHANSmiths Falls G13T11
6Jorja JAAKKOLAWest Carleton G13T11
7Lucy WOJCIKWest Carleton G13T11
8Sophie CAMERON-KINGOttawa Internationals G13T11

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