Girls U14 District T1

1Seaway Valley Blazers G14T11211014744333
2Ottawa Internationals G14T1 Red129122862228
3Ottawa Internationals G14T1 Black12543127519
4Ottawa City G14T1126151310319
5Cumberland United G14T1125161833-1516
6Ottawa South United G14T2 Power12219539-347
7Nepean Hotspurs Royals G14T1120012024-240

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1Neika NOELSeaway Valley Blazers G14T110
2Isabelle LONGCHAMPSSeaway Valley Blazers G14T16
3Kalli PILONCumberland United G14T15
4Leah WHELANSeaway Valley Blazers G14T15
5Rachel CULLUMOttawa Internationals G14T1 Red5
6Andreea NICOLICIOttawa Internationals G14T1 Red4
7Ceilidh PATESeaway Valley Blazers G14T14
8Reagan MCGILLVRAYCumberland United G14T14
9Claire STONEYOttawa Internationals G14T1 Red3
10Heidi KNOLLOttawa Internationals G14T1 Black3

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Mylena FORGETSeaway Valley Blazers G14T17
2Amanda KoutsovasilisOttawa Internationals G14T1 Black4
3Cassidy WATTERSOttawa Internationals G14T1 Red4
4Madelyn STANLEYOttawa City G14T13
5Alyson HORNSBYOttawa City G14T12
6Amelia DenigrisOttawa Internationals G14T1 Black2
7Emma THOMPSONCumberland United G14T12
8Alyssa KOTYLAKOttawa South United G14T2 Power1
9Ceilidh PATESeaway Valley Blazers G14T11
10Naomi TORGUNRUDOttawa Internationals G14T1 Red1

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