Girls U13/14 District T2

1Glengarry Hearts G14T216160085137248
2Russell G14T216112363154835
3Carleton Place United G14T21510233529632
4West Carleton G14T2159153325828
5Russell G13T2167094642421
6Ottawa Gloucester G14T21660103738-118
7Ottawa South United G13T1 Power1641111658-4213
8Perth United G14T21631122459-3510
9Ottawa City G14T21611142282-604

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1Nadia JEAURONDGlengarry Hearts G14T224
2Jordyn BURNETTRussell G14T219
3Milena KRALJEVICOttawa City G14T216
4Gracie LEROUXGlengarry Hearts G14T213
5Kaitlyn MAHEUXWest Carleton G14T212
6Kyanne LEROUXGlengarry Hearts G14T212
7Lily BURTCHCarleton Place United G14T212
8Elizabeth DECOEURGlengarry Hearts G14T211
9Samirah COTEOttawa Gloucester G14T211
10Camille LEBLANCRussell G13T210

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jessica WEIRRussell G14T29
2Fiona FREELANDGlengarry Hearts G14T26
3Torianna MCINTOSHRussell G13T25
4Mackenzie EMMERSONWest Carleton G14T24
5Delaina ANDERSONCarleton Place United G14T22
6Stacy MANLEYPerth United G14T22
7Isabella GHATTASOttawa South United G13T1 Power1
8Madison COPEWest Carleton G14T21
9Marina LEMIEUXOttawa Gloucester G14T21
10Reina FAUBERTGlengarry Hearts G14T21
11Veronica CENILOttawa City G14T21

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