Boys U17/18 District

1Kemptville Kougars B17/B18108112662025
2Ottawa City B17 Silver1070329151421
3Cumberland United B18106132824419
4Ottawa Gloucester B17 B105322214818
5Seaway Valley Blazers B18104422119216
6St. Anthony B17/18D LACA104333129215
7Nepean Hotspurs B17104152416813
8Ottawa Gloucester B17 A104151820-213
9Ottawa City B18102262530-58
10Ottawa City B17 Blue102261530-158
11Ottawa City B18 White100010945-360

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1Armando ALVARADOSt. Anthony B17/18D LACA9
2Aidan SUTHERLANDKemptville Kougars B17/B188
3Ange-Prunel LAHOURINepean Hotspurs B178
4Federico DORICumberland United B188
5Jonathan JOHNSONOttawa City B17 Silver8
6Artur KRZYSZTON-GOMESOttawa City B187
7Bouba OUANEOttawa Gloucester B17 B7
8Luis REYNOSOSt. Anthony B17/18D LACA6
9Dominic PAQUETTESeaway Valley Blazers B185
10Gavin D'EONOttawa City B185

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jaekob VANHERPENKemptville Kougars B17/B187
2Glenn ROYOttawa Gloucester B17 A5
3Victor ASTINOVOttawa City B17 Silver5
4Chris MARTINOttawa Gloucester B17 B3
5Adeen SAQIBNepean Hotspurs B172
6Brady SEGUINSeaway Valley Blazers B182
7Andrew BOTTIGLIAOttawa City B17 Blue1
8Jamie WILSONSeaway Valley Blazers B181
9Nikola MILIJEVICOttawa City B17 Silver1

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