Girls U18 District

1Glengarry Hearts G1812100248113730
2Cumberland United G181290331102127
3Ottawa Internationals G181281332122025
4Perth United G181263342261621
5Ottawa City G18124171319-613
6West Ottawa G18121291749-325
7Seaway Valley Blazers G18120111662-561

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1Taylor SIMARDGlengarry Hearts G1815
2Jessica LANIELCumberland United G1810
3Romy HANSENPerth United G1810
4Emma BACCHIOCHIGlengarry Hearts G189
5Nadine DROUINPerth United G189
6Brianna FOURNIERPerth United G187
7Nada GHADBANOttawa Internationals G187
8Danielle BERNARDOttawa Internationals G186
9Emmie BUTTONPerth United G186
10Leah HOWITTWest Ottawa G186

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Alicia HARTHOLTGlengarry Hearts G188
2emma keableOttawa Internationals G185
3Athena JACQUESCumberland United G184
4Nicole FIELDINGPerth United G183
5Emma MONFETTEOttawa City G182
6Sarah WIMMIOttawa City G182
7Ada GODSEWest Ottawa G181

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Boys U13 District T1
NHSC B13T11 - 10 OSU B13T1 B

ER Cup U13 Boys
OCSC B13R2 - 5 St Ant B13R

ER Shield U13 Boys
KDSC B13T20 - 3 OFC B13T1

ER Cup U14 Boys
St Ant B14R4 - 0 OCSC B14R

ER Shield U14 Boys
OSU B14T15 - 4 CPSC B14T2

Boys U15 Regional
OISC B15R4 - 2 CUSC B15R
WOSC B15R3 - 2 KUSC B15R
Cap U B15RdefKDSC B15R

ER Cup U15 Boys
OSU B15R1 - 4 Cap U B15R

ER Shield U15 Boys
SVSC B15T12 - 2 CUSC B15T1

ER Cup U16 Boys
CUSC B16R2 - 2 Cap U B16R

ER Shield U16 Boys
SVSC B16T12 - 0 OGSC B16T2

ER Cup U13 Girls
OGSC G13R1 - 2 ASG G13R

ER Shield U13 Girls
RSC G13T22 - 6 WCSC G13T1

ER Cup U14 Girls
WOSC G14R2 - 2 CUSC G14R

ER Shield U14 Girls
SVSC G14T16 - 0 CUSC G14T1

Girls U14 District T1
NHSC G14T1defOSU G14T2

ER Cup U15 Girls
OGSC G15R2 - 1 St Ant G15R

ER Shield U15 Girls
CUSC G153 - 1 StAnt G15

ER Cup U16 Girls
KCSC G16R0 - 2 CUSC G16R

ER Shield U16 Girls
Pro17 G160 - 4 WOS G16

Girls U16 Regional
CUSC G16R2 - 0 KCSC G16R
CUSC G16R2 - 1 KUSC G16R

Girls U17 Regional
NHSC G17R2 - 1 OGSC G17R


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