Girls U17 Regional

1Ottawa Gloucester G17R1210115985131
2West Ottawa G17R1272336162023
3Nepean Hotspurs G17R1271438172122
4Carleton Place United G17R12219642-367
5OFC FSTA Elite G17R121110864-564

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Kennedy ARMSTRONGOttawa Gloucester G17R15
2Emma HAWKENNepean Hotspurs G17R14
3Anna-Maria LACHOWICZ-KOLBIKOttawa Gloucester G17R12
4Jessie BRYSONNepean Hotspurs G17R12
5Emily HUMEOttawa Gloucester G17R8
6Megan KAVANAGHWest Ottawa G17R7
7Amanda BIRMINGHAMWest Ottawa G17R6
8Maya CASSISWest Ottawa G17R6
9Rhea GRACENepean Hotspurs G17R5
10Julia RICHARDOttawa Gloucester G17R4

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Holly TREFFERSWest Ottawa G17R6
2Cassandra QUINNNepean Hotspurs G17R5
3ChloƩ LACHANCE-SOULARDOttawa Gloucester G17R5
4Emily CALLERYCarleton Place United G17R2
5Kennedy ARMSTRONGOttawa Gloucester G17R1

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