Boys U15 Regional

1Capital United B15R181800111710454
2West Ottawa B15R18132374245041
3Ottawa Gloucester B15R188465344928
4Ottawa South United B15R Force White187563943-426
5Kingston Clippers B15R187293553-1823
6Kingston United B15R186484051-1122
7Ottawa Internationals B15R184593958-1917
8Cumberland United B15R1844103570-3516
9Ottawa City B15R182792353-3013
10Kemptville Kougars B15R1833122571-4612

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Devyn VIEGASCapital United B15R51
2Jordan MURPHYCapital United B15R36
3Idi ZAHINDAOttawa Internationals B15R33
4Jacob BALLKingston United B15R24
5Salem ETIENNEOttawa Gloucester B15R24
6Androu CRAANWest Ottawa B15R18
7Jonathan LABUSCHAGNEWest Ottawa B15R12
8Nathan GAWARGYWest Ottawa B15R11
9Aidan GUISTECumberland United B15R10
10Carson FRASERKingston Clippers B15R10

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Roberto PAGUAGA-FRANKOVICHCapital United B15R7
2Anton FAVREWest Ottawa B15R5
3Jackson LOYOttawa South United B15R Force White4
4Aidan KELLEHEROttawa Gloucester B15R3
5Olivier LangloisCapital United B15R2
6Quinn RYANKingston United B15R2
7Andrew BROWNKemptville Kougars B15R1
8Giovanni UTANOOttawa City B15R1
9James EAGLEOttawa Internationals B15R1
10Justin PAREOttawa City B15R1
11Nathaniel BENNKingston Clippers B15R1

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