OSA Pyramid For Play

The Pyramid for Play in Ontario is a hierarchy of leagues structured in such a way as to provide opportunities for every player to play soccer at a level appropriate to his/her skill and ability.

The mission of the OSA Pyramid for Play
  • To ensure that the player is the number one priority and has the opportunity to play at a level appropriate to his or her skill and ability.
  • To recognize the Club as the main vehicle for the provision of opportunities for the player and to safeguard its needs and interests with respect to the Pyramid of Play.
  • To clearly establish the principle that the most productive environment for every player at every level of play, from mini-soccer to international competition, is to play in a balanced league.
  • To provide a stable organizational structure to ensure the ongoing viability of Teams, Clubs, and Leagues.

How the OSA Pyramid for Play is implemented

The highest part of the youth pyramid is the Ontario Youth Soccer League, where the best teams from the province compete. Typically each division is made up of 10 teams playing 18 games.

Below the OYSL are four Regional Leagues, the East Region Soccer League is one of these leagues.  The others are from the West, Central, and the South Regions of the province.

Below the ERSL Regional League are the EODSA and SOSA District Competitive Leagues. Promotion and relegation will take place between the Regional and District Competitive Leagues. 

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