Your rights of appeal to the Ontario Soccer Association

You have the right to appeal the decision of the East Region Soccer League (ERSL).

Anyone affected by a decision rendered by a governing body (i.e. club, league, District Association, Ontario Soccer Association) has the right to appeal that decision to the next higher governing body. Provided that decision was not made under the Decision By Review method of Discipline.

Appeals of club or league decision must be submitted to the EODSA in accordance with the EODSA Rights of Appeal Information

The purpose of this appeals procedure is to enable disputes with registrants and Registered Organizations to be dealt with fairly, expeditiously and affordably, within Ontario Soccer without recourse to external legal procedures. 



Appeals of decisions made by a District association (EODSA or SOSA) must be submitted to the Ontario Soccer Association in accordance with the Ontario Soccer Rights of Appeal Information

Registrants and/or Registered Organizations who wish to seek Leave to Appeal a decision will have fourteen (14) days from the date on which they received notice of the decision together with their rights of appeal, to submit in writing the following: (Note: this is for appeals to Ontario Soccer only)


a) A completed Ontario Soccer leave to appeal application form inclusive of their intention to appeal and grounds for the appeal, see 4.2

b) all evidence that supports these grounds, including all documents

c) the remedy or remedies requested,

d) a copy of the written decision being appealed, or the Appellant's understanding of the decision (if the decision has not been received, in writing, by the Appellant);

e) a signature of the Appellant or authorized representative of the Appellant

f) Evidence that any outstanding fine, fee or bond has been paid

g) Include the Appeal Fee in accordance with Operational Procedure Section 13.0 Procedure 11.0 in the form of a recorded payment for appeals to Ontario Soccer or as per the Governing Organization’s published schedule of fees, fines bonds and penalties.


Within 10 days of concluding the appeal, the Panel will issue its written decision, with findings and the Rights of Appeal. The decision should include the following points:

· Issue to be decided
· Background to the case
· Statement of the facts
· Authorities considered
· Decision
· Reasons for decision
· Rights of Appeal information 


The appeal application shall be submitted via email to

OSA Rights of Appeal
OSA Appeal Application Form

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