Q.  What happens when a team is not able to present their Team Roster Report (OSA Roster) along with their player cards, prior to a game starting?

A.  The opposition has 2 options:

1.  They have the right to refuse to play the game if a roster is not presented within 20 minutes.  The referee will enter a special incident report to the league with all the details and the operations committee will decide the outcome of the game and whether it is to be replayed or not.

2.  They can play the game under protest.  The team playing under protest must follow up the within 48 hours of the game, with the appropriate protest fee and confirmation of acceptance by the protesting teams club.  More details can be found in the ERSL Rules and Regulations Article 20.

Q. How is the Discipline Index (D1) Calculated?

The index is calculated as follows 

1 point for each yellow card 
2 points for each red card 

Index = total # of games played by team / total # of discipline points

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