This policy recognizes excellence and establishes criteria for identifying and rewarding distinguished Members of the ERSL. The presentation of these awards and honors compliments the recipients and adds vitality to the

The Volunteer Recognition Award is a meaningful recognition bestowed only on those individuals who have made significant and substantial contributions to the ERSL. Implied is the understanding that meaningful recognition must be selective, fair and carefully determined. It need not be awarded annually nor is there any limit to the number of awards that can be given out. The sole determining factor in a person’s confirmation is the worth of the contribution of the nominated individual.

Significant and substantial contributions include, but are not limited to governance appointments (elected office,
committee member, task force, etc.) or involvement in mentorship/collegial activities (coaching, officiating, playing, etc.) no name a few. Also included are special guests of the ERSL, including representatives from other soccer governing bodies, local dignitaries, business and community leaders among others who have made a significant contribution to the sport.

The sum of the recipient’s relevant accomplishments to the ERSL shall be judged by the Executive Committee to have made highly meaningful contributions to the development of the League and to the advancement of the
sport of soccer.

The Executive Committee will review the contribution of outgoing Members and vote to select one or more or
none of them each year. The award will be presented during the annual President’s Dinner in December.

Material Manifestations of the Awards may take the form of Plaques, ornamental clocks, certificates or any other item approved by the Executive Committee.

Gifts and/or awards given are to be included in the Association’s financial statements.

All Board Members will receive a minimum of one item of apparel per annum in recognition as an elected Member of the Board of Directors to be worn at all official functions.
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