The East Region Soccer League (ERSL) understands that with global networking easily accessible via Social Network tools such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube etc, we have a responsibility to our Membership to create a guideline of what is acceptable Social Media use.

The East Region Soccer League Membership encompasses Players, Referees, Team Officials, Administrators and Clubs. Our membership represents the ERSL and our soccer community. We require our membership to exercise good judgment in its use of Social Media websites. It is important to conduct yourself in a responsible and respectful manner.

  • Members are not permitted to post information, photos, or other representations of sexual content, inappropriate behaviour, or items that could be interpreted as demeaning or inflammatory.
  • Members are not permitted to post any racial, sexist, homophobic, anti-religious or any other comments of that nature to members or non-members.
  • Members are not permitted to post any comments that could be deemed derogatory about the league, players, team officials, teams, club officials, clubs or referees.
  • Members are not permitted to comment on injuries, officiating, or team matters that could reasonably be expected to be confidential.
  • Members are not permitted to post any threats of violence or harassment.
  • The ERSL reserves the right to delete comments in violation of this policy.
  • Members must always follow the guidelines established by the Social Media website being used.
  • Any online postings must be consistent with ERSL policies and guidelines

Monitoring and Consequences

• Violation of these policies is subject to investigation and possible sanctions by the ERSL Management Board.

• Violations may be subject to Disciplinary action under policies set by the OSA (or until such time that the Ontario Soccer Association issues a Social Networking Policy).

If you have any doubt about posting content on these social media sites, please consult the ERSL General Manager. Due to the evolving nature of social media, the policies and guidelines are subject to revision by the ERSL Management Board.

Best Practices

  • Be genuine: Social media is all about people connecting with people. Remember to humanize your social media interactions.
  • Be truthful: Make sure you have all of the facts before you post. Cite and link to sources whenever possible to help build a community.
  • Be respectful: Respect for the dignity of others and to the civil and thoughtful discussion of opposing ideas is critical. Please do not propagate online confrontation.
  • Be positive: A good rule of thumb is that if you would not say it in person, do not say it online.
  • Allow comments: Encourage thoughtful discussion with the understanding that all comments must be civil, respectful, and appropriate for your audience.

These Guidelines should be used in conjunction with OSA, District, and Club guidelines.


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