Clifford Dell Fair Play Award

In recognition of exemplary behaviour that promotes the spirit of fair play and compassion in the Regional competition the ERSL Management Board is proud to introduce the Clifford Dell Fair Play Award.  The award was renamed from the ERSL Fair Play Award in 2018 in recognition of long-serving Director of Discipline and the visionary behind the award, Mr. Clifford Dell.  Dell served on the ERSL Board for over 15 years before stepping away from his role at the end of 2018.

The award will be presented to a team from each gender whose conduct best represents and promotes the goals and objectives of the ERSL by having the best indication of exemplary conduct through:


Disciplinary Conduct Scores

  1. points total for player dismissal (red cards) - 10 points for each occurrence
  2. points total for player cautions (yellow cards) - 5 points for each occurrence
  3.  points total for player misconduct under a red card “directed at the match official” - 10 additional points for each occurrence of misconduct “directed at the match official”
  4. points total for Team Official misconduct - 10 points for each occurrence of misconduct by a Team Official.


Game Feedback Scores

The Game Feedback Scores are compiled from Game Feedback questions completed by each team in their Game Reports.


Scores related to conduct of:

  •  Team Staff
  •  Players
  •  Team Spectators
  1. 5 points for each “Unsatisfactory” rating on each item
  2. 2 points for each “Satisfactory” rating on each item
  3. 0 points for each “Excellent” rating on each item

The resulting Game Feedback Score will be added to the Disciplinary Conduct Score for each team at the Regional level competing in the Regional League and the ERSL Cup.  The total for each team will be divided by the number of matches played to provide a “fair play” points per match for each team.  The Award will be given to the team (from each gender) with the lowest score per match played.

The Award will consist of an annual plaque to be given to and kept by the successful Club.



Female Team Recipient

Male Team Recipient

2016 (Inaugural Year)

Nepean Hotspurs Heat G14
Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Impact G14

Ottawa Internationals Elite B15


Ottawa Gloucester Hornet Sting G15

Cumberland United B14


AS Gatineau G16

West Ottawa B15













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