The ERSL currently uses geographic tiering where possible in our District Competitive and Development competitions at the lowest tiers.  Typically offering an East and West, and Sometimes Central division we are able to cut down on travel for our members.  With the understanding that the current members of the SSSL, and recreational soccer participants in general are accustomed to a certain amount of travel, the ERSL would work to ensure geographic tiering be implemented in our Recreational divisions as well.

The proposed geographic placement for each of our current ERSL member Clubs would be as follows:

Geographic Tiering for District Recreational




Carleton Place

Nepean Hotspurs



Ottawa City

Cumberland United

West Ottawa

Ottawa South United



St. Anthony's

Gloucester Hornets

West Carleton

Ottawa Internationals 


Smiths Falls

 FC Capital United

Seaway Kickers

Perth United


Seaway Valley Blazers


Pro 17



The ability to operate a West, Central and East division at each age category would be dependent on the number of teams who enter.  Should any geographic tier not be viable they would be combined with their neighbouring division, or select Clubs in closest proximity within their neighbouring division.