Guidelines for Extreme Temperatures

Estimates of temperature and humidex will be taken as provided/predicted by Environment Canada (EC) as provided up to 7 hours prior to game kick-off times.

Breaks will be at approximately the quarters of game time, preferably at natural stoppages in play and will allow unlimited substitutions at that time.  Break should be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 3 minutes.

A Coach or Referee can set a water break when the temperature at Kick-off time is over 28 degrees Celsius or humidex estimated over 30 degrees Celsius before kick-off time.

The ERSL mandates water breaks at approximately the quarters of game time when the temperature exceeds 34 degrees Celsius or humidex of 36 degrees Celsius.

The ERSL mandates cancelling matches where the temperature at the start of play is predicted to be in excess of 37 degrees Celsius or humidex of 39 degrees Celsius at kick-off time.

Decisions should be taken around noon of days where Environment Canada (EC) predictions of high temperatures and humidex values are available.  Where exact kick-off times are not stated then the average of the two closest predictions for that time should be used.  For example if 6pm EC prediction is humidex 40C and 7pm is humidex 38C then estimated 6:30 KO time would be humidex 39C.  Reminders of the mandated actions above should be as timely as possible but not less than 4 hours prior to common kick-off times.

Decisions will be provided for EODSA based matches based upon the Ottawa predictions from EC.  Decisions will be provided for SOSA based matches based upon the Kingston prediction from EC.


Ottawa - Environment Canada Weather
Kingston - Environment Canada Weather

Deep River - Environment Canada Weather



There are some simple guidelines which have been prepared by the American College of Sports
Medicine (ACSM) when it comes to running activities in a hot and/or humid environment.
The goal in participating in hot weather is to avoid fluid loss from the body or dehydration.
Educating athletes, coaches and officials is key to identifying and preventing these injuries from
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