The ERSL Concept of Operations &
Committee Structure (est. 2014)


The ERSL will see the majority of operational activity undertaken by a full time General Manager (GM), who will manage the competitions as directed by the League Management Board (LMB), and with oversight provided by various committees of the LMB. The Board will move to an oversight model. The Board will meet quarterly. Committees of the Board will meet more regularly and as needed.


The GM shall be an employee of the ERSL. The GM will be assisted by interns who will be engaged during peak months of operation. Under the direction of the GM, interns will undertake a variety of league support tasks such as league administration and general office activities.


While the GM shall support the Director of Discipline, the Director of Discipline will remain hands on with respect to the discipline program. Oversight of the Operations Portfolio shall be provided by the Operations Committee.


In addition, the GM shall directly support the LMB by undertaking the operational duties of the current Treasurer (Budget preparation, monthly accounts etc) and Secretary (maintenance of corporate records, preparation of minutes). In addition, the GM shall be responsible for various business activities such as the negotiation of contracts with suppliers and the hiring of interns. Oversight of the Administration Portfolio shall be provided by the Administration Committee.


Finally, the GM shall be responsible for strategic activities including communications, customer relationship management, the sourcing of sponsors for League activities, and the identification and pursuit of other funding sources (e.g. for interns) with a goal of reducing direct costs to the members.


Oversight of the Strategic Portfolio shall be provided by the Executive Committee. The GM shall report on all portfolios to the Executive Committee at each meeting. In seeking decisions from the LMB, or a Committee of the LMB, the GM shall have prepared a recommendation for discussion and decision.


Meetings of committees may be in person, by phone, or a combination of methods.



Committee Structure

Executive Committee - Monthly


Vice Chair

Director of Administration

GM (ex officio)

Operations Committee – As required

Vice Chairperson - Chair

Director of Discipline

Directors’ at Large (all)

GM (ex officio)

Administrative Committee – Approx. every 2 months

Director of Administration - Chair

Directors’ at Large (All)

GM (ex officio)

Discipline Committee – weekly/as needed during the season


Vice Chairperson

Director of Discipline – Chair

GM (case manager)

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