ERSL Hot Weather Policy

As we face rising temperatures and humidity the ERSL will be implementing a water break policy during extreme hot weather for all District Competitive and Regional level games.  Before the start of play, if the humidity index is 32 or higher, either team may request to the referee that water breaks be taken.  Breaks are to take place approximately midway through each half and be at an appropriate stoppage of play.   Water breaks should be taken quickly.

If the humidity index is 32 or higher, either team may also request that substitutions be permitted on throw-ins if their rules do not already permit so.  Substitutions on throw-ins would then follow standard rules for substitutions:  The request for substitution at a throw-in must be made by the attacking team. If the attacking team makes a substitution, the opposing team may also substitute at the same time.

These requests must be made before the start of play to the game official.  Game Officials have been instructed to comply with these requests.

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