Ottawa Gloucester Hornets and Ottawa South United Announce Strategic Soccer Alliance

Ottawa Gloucester Hornets (GH) and Ottawa South United (OSU) are very pleased to announce a strategic alliance, whose purpose is to improve both soccer clubs, effective immediately. The strategic alliance will see two of the largest and most influential clubs within Ontario work closely to advance player and coaching development within our region.

The two clubs have committed to create a strategic alliance that will greatly enhance the experience and opportunities afforded to the players and coaches of each club. Centering on the concept of improving soccer within our region, this aligned vision will have an immediate impact on both clubs.

OSU, as a member of The Ontario Player Development League, will be able to provide an opportunity for players within the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets to advance to the high performance stream when recommended by the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets’ Club Head Coach.  Furthermore, both clubs will align with joint Coaching Summit development opportunities and cross market each other’s soccer programs and events including: accessibility to exclusive  international tournaments, university/college guidance resources and tours and joint player development opportunities.

The Ottawa Gloucester Hornets have long looked for avenues for an enhanced synergy amongst Clubs fielding competitive soccer programs in the Ottawa area. The Hornets view this strategic alliance with Ottawa South United as a real opportunity to reshape the Ottawa soccer landscape and promote the concepts which support Long Term Player Development. This strategic alliance between these two Clubs will look to ensure that the players in both Clubs are accorded the opportunity to play and compete at the proper level that supports their development. This will see players move between the Clubs; a forward thinking concept that will afford them the access to the best environment to meet their soccer challenges.

 “OSU has great respect for the GH’s history and contribution to soccer development in Ottawa over the years.  There is a common vision in defining the roadmap to increase opportunities for our youth players and improve our technical programs to the benefit of both clubs” said Bill Michalopulos, President of OSU.

“The Ottawa Gloucester Hornets are very pleased to enter into this strategic  alliance with Ottawa South United, a Club which shares the same vision as we do for the future of soccer in the Ottawa area. This alliance has the potential to create a template upon which real cooperative integration in the Ottawa Youth Soccer landscape can be based” said Ralph Paul Ehlebracht, Chairman of the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets.


About the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets

The Ottawa Gloucester Hornets are the competitive branch of the Ottawa Gloucester Soccer Club (OGSC) which includes the Gloucester Dragons (youth recreational) and the Gloucester Seniors (senior recreational). The OGSC boasts a membership of over 4500 players and is home of the 2013 Canadian Men’s National Champions.

About Ottawa South United

Ottawa South United (OSU) is a soccer club based in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. With some 6500 member it is one of the largest as well as most successful clubs in Ontario and Canada. 


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Jim Lianos                                                                  
General Manager, Ottawa South United /                                   

Ralph Paul Ehlebracht
Chair, Ottawa Gloucester Hornets /www.Gloucester

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