2015 ERSL Regional Team Entry Form

Member Clubs are asked to please complete the ERSL Regional Team Entry Form. If you have any questions concerning completion of the form, please direct them to gm@ersl.ca


1.    Please complete all cells coloured yellow and send the completed form to the ERSL by January 7, 2015. The 2015 Regional Division Tables showing Team Position Status can be found here.

2.    The ERSL District Competitive and District Development team entry form will be distributed in the New Year and will be due with payment at the end of March.

3.    A budgetary surplus from the 2014 season will be returned to member clubs as outlined in the credit memos distributed to on December 13. If you wish for your surplus to be applied to your fees, please check the box on the form as instructed.  You will receive an invoice of the surplus applied to your application detailing the balance owed, if any. Anybalance owed on Regional fees will be due February 28, 2015. If you do not wish to use your credit please remit payment by January 7.

4.    Entry into U14L3 is open to all Clubs.  If more than 8 EODSA teams apply for entry to an U14L3 division, EODSA Technical Leadership will determine which teams are accepted.  These decisions will be made by February 28, 2015.

Entry forms shall only be accepted if they are properly completed, and accompanied by all required Club membership/team entry fees for the season, as outlined above.

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