OSA Coaching Department Courses and Information for 2015

Community Coaching Courses
Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train and Soccer for Life are open and
ready for clubs to apply for and host. Clubs can sign onto their account on
E2E Coach Centre and follow the same process as last year. We ask that all
districts and clubs become familiar with the 2015 Clinic Information
Brochure which is located on our website and is also attached to this
email. It goes into specific detail about the OSA Community Courses (i.e.,
requirements, costs, content etc).

To search and register for a course please click here: http://www.coachcentre.ca/PublicCourseSearch.aspx?ID=2

Pre B and C Licence:
Mark Marshall attended some training sessions with the Canadian Soccer
Association this fall, and the CSA will soon be implementing a new "C"
Licence course which will replace the Pre B course with the OSA. We are
still in the infancy stages with this, so once we receive more direction
from the CSA and course information, we will send it to the districts for

B Licence, B Licence Re-Certification and Goal Keeping Diploma Courses:
We currently have our first B Licence course open and ready for
registration for the 2015 season. This B Licence course will take place in
Waterloo, ON June 2-6th, 2015. Coaches can register for the course through
E2E Coach Centre.

The first B Licence Re-Certification course for 2015 is running on June
4th, 2015 in Waterloo, ON. Registration is currently open and being
accepted for this one-day course. Coaches can register for the course
through E2E Coach Centre. Please be advised that coaches have until JULY
2015 to re-new their B Licence certification if it is 5 years or older
(received before 2009). If they do not re-certify themselves, then their B
Licence will expire. Therefore, if you know of any coaches who have their B
Licence but received it before 2009, please notify them that the one-day B
Licence re-certification is required for them to keep their B Licence
Certification. Once coaches take a re-certification course with the OSA, it
will then extend their B Licence for 5 years. If you have questions
regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact me or Mark
Marshall directly.

The first Goal Keeping Diploma course is also open and ready for coaches to
register for on E2E Coach Centre. The course will take place in Waterloo,
ON on the weekend of June 6 & 7, 2015. Coaches can register for the course
through E2E Coach Centre.

2015 Soccer Development Conference
The 2015 Soccer Development Conference has launched and is open for
registration. The Conference will be in Waterloo, ON at RIM Park and take
place on March 21 & 22, 2015. For further information pertaining to the
conference, please visit the OSA Website.

Making Head Way in Soccer:
This is a course specifically designed by NCCP to assist coaches with being
concussion smart! This eLearning course is free, online and is required to
be completed by OSA Learning Facilitators and all coaches who attend the C
Licence, B Licence, B Licence Re-Certification and Goal Keeping Diploma
Course. For more information pertaining to this eLearning course, please
click here.

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