2015 Team Activation Instructions

Team Activation Instructions for Team Officials

Each team participating in any level of competition operated by the ERSL must be activated on the ERSL web site, also known as the league management system.

A team is considered activated when at minimum one Team Official has registered themselves to the team.

If a team official wishes to be on the team bench during games they must be registered to the respective team(s) in the league management systemThis is the only way the Official will appear on the game sheet.

Activating Your Team

The steps to activate a team are as follows:

·         Go to www.ersl.ca

·         Click on the "My Team" tab at the top of the homepage

·         Click "activate" in the left menu bar

·         Enter the Activation Code provided to your by you Club

·         Fill-in the required personal information, select the appropriate team, and create your personal password

·         Click “Next”

o   If you are prompted with an error message please ensure your personal information matches the required format

o   If there are no errors you will be brought to a new screen

If another team official has already activated the team, this will mark the end of your registration process.

If you are the first team official to activate you will then be asked to input more team information as follows:

·         Input your uniform colours.

o   Team uniform colours can be modified at any time after activation by clicking “Change Uniform” in the left sidebar

·         Click “Next” and you will receive a confirmation message indicating that you are now registered

·         Team activation is now complete

You must now update your personal details. >>>

Updating Your Personal Details **MUST COMPLETE**

Your contact information will be made available to other coaches and administrators registered to the system.  It is important that this contact information remain up to date at all times so that you may receive correspondence from the League and to ensure that fellow coaches may reach you in the game rescheduling process.

To update your personal details you must be logged-in to the web site.

·         Click the “My Team” tab at the top of the page

·         Click “Personal Details” in the left sidebar

·         Update the necessary information and click “submit

** Your OSA number must been added to your personal details **

If you are a team official with multiple teams you MUST activate yourself with each team and it is recommended you use a separate e-mail address for each in order to ensure you can access each team’s unique Team page.  

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