YOUR SHOT TO CONQUER CANCER seeks to motivate and activate Canadians from coast-to-
cost to showcase their creativity and/or skills, share it with their social networks, and encourage others to join the movement in our quest to generate thousands of incredible shots (& dollars) to conquer cancer.

With 40% of Canadians hearing the words “you have cancer” and an estimated 40% increase in cancer cases by 2030, cancer remains the top-of-mind cause for Canadians from coast-to-coast Our goal is to not only raise funds for the worst disease affecting Canadians, but it’s to show your network that you are willing to ‘take your shot’ at cancer.

What better way to donate to such an amazing cause than to be involved in it? We want YOU to take a shot at cancer...literally!

How do I get involved you ask?
It’s simple. Film yourself taking a trick shot or not so trick shot of any kind. Be as creative as you can - have fun with it! Then, post your video on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.). After posting your video, share it far and wide with friends and family using the #TakeYourShot so it will be pulled onto our website for all supporters to watch. See if people will donate at www.takeyourshot.org in tribute of your shot.

Dare them to take their own Shot to Conquer Cancer! Don’t want to take a shot but want to donate? No problem. Make a general donation or show your support and donate in tribute of a really cool shot that someone else took.

By joining the global #TakeYourShot movement, not only are you demonstrating your willingness to shoot down cancer, but you are also helping conquer cancer with heightened awareness and raising funds for world leading cancer research.

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