ERSL AGM Notice - Saturday November 26th 2016


The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the ERSL will be held on Saturday, November 26th, 2016 at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre.

Check-in begins at 9:30am and the meeting will be called to order at 10:00am.

All pertinent documents are available below:

AGM Booklet
Auditor’s Report
Appendix A – Constitution with proposed changes
Appendix B – District Recreational Proposal
Appendix C – District Recreational Rules & Regulations


All Members must attend the Annual General Meeting.  Failure of a Club to attend all or part of the AGM will result in a fine of $500.00.  Any Member not in good standing must still attend the AGM but will not be permitted to vote.


The agenda for the annual general meeting shall include:

a.  Roll Call;
b.  Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting;
c.  Vice Chairperson’s Address;
d.  Officers' Reports;
e.  Director of Administration Report and annual budget ;
f.  Auditor's Report;
g.  Appointment of Auditors;
h.  Other Reports;
i.  Amendments to the Constitution & Rules and Regulations;
j.  Roll Call;
k.  Election of Officers and Directors;
l.  Any Other Business; and
m.  Adjournment


Questions concerning this announcement may be directed to Shannon Holder, General Manager


The ERSL supports the EODSA’s Code of Conduct for meetings.

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