ERSL Memorandum 2018-001 Special Dispensation for Use of E2E ID Card Mobile Application

ERSL Memorandum 2018-001

To: All ERSL Members

From: East Region Soccer League

Date: April 18, 2018

Subject: Special Dispensation for Use of E2E ID Card Mobile Application


ERSL Members,

Ontario Soccer has approved the special dispensation request made by the EODSA and ERSL to allow the use of the E2E ID Card Mobile Application (Mobile Application) for the 2018 Outdoor season for all District Competitive and Regional divisions within the ERSL.  The Mobile Application is a companion piece to the required Ontario Soccer ID Card as produced by the EODSA and is intended to facilitate the pregame ID check procedure for ERSL games.  


Only those registrants who have had ID cards created since the date of 23/04/2015 will be available in the Mobile Application.  If your player’s most recent, unexpired, ID card was created prior to this date the player must use their physical ID card OR can purchase a new card through the EODSA which will subsequently be available on the Application.  The old card must be discarded and the new card must be used as the primary piece of ID.


All instances and references to “Ontario Soccer ID Cards” within the Rules and Regulations of the League now includes the physical card and the electronic version of the card as made available by the Mobile Application.  This specifically excludes all other forms of ID including but not limited to photocopies of your ID card and other electronic versions.


Before the outset of the season Team Officials from all ERSL teams will be provided with educational materials including the step-by-step procedure for the ID check.  This information will also be communicated with SOSA and ARSO teams for their knowledge. Whether or not your teams choose to use the Mobile Application themselves it is necessary that they familiarize themselves with its functions in order to properly carry out ID checks, in the event their opponent is making use of the Application. 


While the ID Card Mobile Application is now an approved form of identification, the physical ID card remains the primary piece of identification and it is important that in the event of technical, or other issues, players have their physical cards available at the field for the ID card check if necessary. 



Shannon Holder
General Manager
East Region Soccer League

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