Letter to the Membership Regarding the Future of the ERSL

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Dear ERSL Members:


On January 30th, 2018 the ERSL received a letter from the EODSA notifying the ERSL Management Board:


“…that the ERSL will not be operating the District Competitive and District Development competitions at the conclusion of the 2018 summer season. More specifically, October 1, 2018 will mark the return of those two competitions to District operational control.”


As the EODSA has not yet notified its Membership of this decision the ERSL Management Board has determined that it is important for our members to be made fully aware.


The decision of the EODSA Board to take control of the District Competitive and Development competitions will have an enormous impact on how youth soccer will be provided to you beginning in the fall of 2018.  Changes will not only directly affect the provision of District competitions but will also have a dramatic impact on the Regional competition which will continue to be operated by the ERSL. Currently, 309 teams participate at the District level in the ERSL while 91 teams participate at the Regional level in the ERSL.


As a result of the EODSA Board decision the ERSL has begun its budget projections for 2019 and it is evident that there will be a significant impact on the cost of services you are provided. We will need to make significant financial cuts to maintain the level of service currently provided and team registration fees for Regional will increase significantly in order to offset the lower revenue as a result of the movement of District teams out of the ERSL.


If you choose to accept this change, we suggest that you begin assessing the impact that this change will have on your operations and costs for both Regional and District teams.


The ERSL was initially given responsibility of the operation of youth District league competitions within the EODSA so that their overall operation could be provided in a coordinated and efficient manner alongside the Regional league competition.  This allowed for the lowest team fees in Ontario, the integration of services, a single point of contact, coordination of rules across all competitions, and the effective and efficient delivery of services to our members.


The ERSL has successfully and consistently provided both Regional and District youth soccer competitions to our Members for the last 5 years; and Regional alone for the last 16 years.  You have the ability to retain the quality and consistency of soccer operations that this District currently enjoys.  We urge you to call on your District to continue to have the ERSL provide your District Development and Competitive competitions.



On behalf of your ERSL Management Board,



Shannon Holder
General Manager
East Region Soccer League





At the 2013 Annual General Meeting of the EODSA the following motion was passed by the EODSA Membership following displeasure with operations of Leagues by the EODSA, and confidence in the ERSL’s operational capabilities:








Nepean Hotspurs


That the EODSA Extend the mandate of the ERSL to Manage the EODSA’s District Competitive and District Development Competitions until October 2018.

- This will give greater start-up stability to the ERSL through transitions of OPDL.



The ERSL subsequently hired a full-time General Manager and shifted from a Board of Directors to a League Management Board.  Shortly thereafter the ERSL was also tasked with operations of the Indoor District Development League as requested by the EODSA and their Membership.


As you have been made previously aware, on July 11th, 2017 the ERSL was given a letter by the EODSA outlining the following motion:


“The EODSA shall advise the ERSL that the EODSA will be operating the EODSA District Youth Competitive and District Development Leagues commencing Oct 1st, 2017.”


The ERSL submitted an appeal of this motion to Ontario Soccer on the grounds that the EODSA Board did not have authority or jurisdiction to pass a motion, in contradiction of the previously passed motion of The EODSA Membership.  Upon receipt of notice of the appeal the EODSA rescinded their July 10th motion and operations of the District Development and Competitive competitions were returned to the ERSL for the remainder of the mandate.  The Winter Development League, despite dispute, was not returned to ERSL operations.




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