Rule Changes

The ERSL Board of Directors have approved the following rule changes.  These changes take effect immediately and will be brought to the membership for ratification at the Fall SGM, set for October 18, 2008.  Please see the About page for the complete sets of rules.

From May 14: This rule change eliminates the individual awards for shutouts and top scorer.
Add to Article 15. League Standings in all Rules and Regs
15.05  Medals will be awarded to each player registered with the winner and runners up teams of each Division.

Add to Cup and Shield Bylaws.
1. Trophies will be awarded to the Champions of each Cup and Shield Division. The winning teams shall return these trophies to the League Administrator no later than May 31st of the following year.
2. Medals will be awarded to each player registered with the winner and runners up teams of each Cup and Shield Division.
3. Trophies and Shields awarded by the ERSL remain the property of the ERSL

From July 9;
Modify Article 7 of the Premier and Division 1 (Level 4/5) League Rules and Regulations
Article 7. Playing Up And Temporary Registration Permits
7.01 A Team may use players as "Call-ups" provided that:
f) All called-up players who are registered with a team in another Club must have a Temporary Registration Permit (TRP). A player called up under the TRP system can only be called up three times per season in the ERSL. In addition to the TRP, an OSA Registrant Book/OSA ID Card shall be presented at each game in order for the player to be eligible to play.  Premier teams may not use TRPs after July 31st.

Modify Reschedule Policy Section 4. Process for Setting the Rescheduled Game Date/Time
            iv. Neither team made reasonable attempts - the ERSL will schedule the game and inform the teams providing a minimum of 7 days notice.  Any costs incurred by the ERSL for field rental will be billed to the Home Club.  Each Club will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

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