ERSL Board Modifies Reschedule Policy

The following Reschedule Policy rule change was approved at the ERSL Board meeting, August 13, 2008.  The Members will be asked to ratify the change at the October 18, 2008 SGM.

Current Policy:
The Reschedule policy permits teams to reschedule Monday games if they identify weekends they are in a weekend tournament (max 3 per season) and if a team is in an Ontario Cup round on the weekend.  We have been requested to treat Sunday Cup and Shield games in the same manner.

It seems reasonable that the ERSL Cup and Shield be treated similiarly to tournaments and Ontario Cup.  In he future, the ERSL should endeavour to avoid scheduling Sunday Cup and Shield rounds for divisions that play on Monday.

Add the following new rule:
3. Request to Reschedule – Other Reasons
A team may request to reschedule additional game(s) only for the following reasons:
  h) A team is scheduled to participate in an ERSL Cup or Shield game 24 hours prior to a scheduled ERSL game and the said Team provides at least seven (7) days notice to the ERSL Administrator that it requests to have the game postponed.

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