2009 Application Form

The ERSL has released the 2009 application form.

Click here to download the form.

Please note that the ERSL are changing the names of the divisions to line up with standard OSA terminology as follows

Former Name

New Name

Regional Division

Level 3 Division

Premier Division full field

Level 4 Division

1st Division full field

Level 5 Premier Division

Under 10 & 11 Premier

Level 5 Premier Division

Under 10 & 11 1st Division

Level 5 1st Division

Under 9 1st Division

Level 6 1st Division

Only apply for level 3 and level 4 teams when your Club has a Team Position Status as indicated on the ERSL website.  If a position becomes available at these levels, and there is a Club eligible for the position based upon the Promotion and Relegation Rules, the Club will be contacted and asked if they will accept the Team Position Status.

Here is the process we require the clubs to follow to complete their application process.

1. Please download the form and after you have completed it email it to the ERSL at admin@ersl.ca. The form must be received by January 7th 2009.

2. On the application form we have a tool to calculate how much your club needs to pay by January 7th 2009. Please send a cheque for this amount payable to the ERSL at the following address

East Region Soccer League
c/o SIRC
180 Elgin Street
Suite 1400
K2P 2K3

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