Important Dates Round-up

Important Dates Round-up

  • March 11th - Regional team blackout dates submission deadline (teams)
  • March 18th - Regional home field input deadline (clubs)
  • March 28th - District registration forms and fees due (clubs)
  • April 1st - Team activation deadline (teams)
  • May 1st - District and Grassroots reschedule requests submission deadline (teams)
  • May 10th - Cup and Shield non-participation declarations due by 18:00 (teams)
  • May 21st - SEASON START DATE
  • May 27th - ER Cup and Shield draws posted by this date
  • June 16th-22nd - ER Cup and Shield Round of 16, regular season blackout (no regular season games this week for all U13-U18 teams)
  • July 28th-August 10th - Grassroots season break (no regular season games for 2 weeks for all U9-U12 teams)
  • August 17/18th - U17/18 ER Cup and Shield Finals (ERSL-hosted)
  • September 8th - SEASON END DATE
  • September 15th - U13-U16 ER Cup and Shield Finals (Club-hosted)


Please share with your teams as you deem necessary.  As important deadlines approach reminders will be sent.  Once teams are activated we can begin sending information directly to teams.


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