Assistant Referee Training Course - June 2nd 2019

The ERSL will be offering its Assistant Referee Training Course on Sunday June 2nd from 2:30-4:30 at Algonquin College.  The course will consist of a 1hr classroom session followed by a 1hr field session. 

 All entry level referee interested in/requiring the course the course should send an email to to register.


SOSA Head Referee Maguerite Heer will be offering a course for our Clubs in the SOSA District - please contact her for details.


Please share this information with your entry level referees!


Please keep in mind:

ERSL Referee Competency Requirements

In addition to the OSA Referee Appointments Classification Table, the ERSL requires the following:

1.     Youth Referees (14-15 yrs) - Prior to being appointed as a Referee for an ERSL match, each Youth Referee must have completed 10 appointments;

2.     District Referees (16 yrs or older) - Prior to being appointed as a Referee for an ERSL match, each District Referee must have completed 5 appointments; and

3.     Assistant Referees -Prior to being appointed as an Assistant Referee for an ERSL match, each youth referee* must attend the ERSL Assistant Referee Training every other year.

*A youth referee is a referee who has passed the entry level but is under 16 years of age - they are reclassified to a District referee automatically on their 16th birthday.

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