2019 Ontario Soccer Regional Championship

The 2019 Regional League Championships will be held from Friday, October 11 - Sunday, October 13 at the University of Guelph.


Hotel Booking
Group Instruction: Group managers must contact our Sales Team (see signature) directly to set up their own individual blocks for their specific team: And request a room under the “Ontario Soccer Regional Championships” Block. They will have up until Saturday September 13, 2019 to guarantee a room (cut-off date); otherwise the remaining rooms will be released back into the hotel’s regular inventory. 

Hotel Booking Info


Game Schedule
Please note that the schedule cannot be amended, regardless of the reason.

Game Schedule


Please note that call-ups are only eligible to play provided they have played at least one game in season with the team that has qualified for the Championships. Teams must provide proof of eligibility when they register their team if a call-up is being used. Please ask GM@ersl.ca for an official letter as proof of eligibility if you intend to use any play-ups at the Championship.

Registration can be done via  online submission of documents or registration at the Soccer Centre. On site, all that will be required will be book/card check with qualified roster 30 minutes prior to kick off. If you (COACHES, MANAGERS and PLAYERS) have no book or card, you are not permitted on the bench or to play period, no exceptions.

Competition Rules



Below is a link to the Ontario Soccer Regional Championships webpage.


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