Clarification of Ontario Soccer Operational Procedure Change - 20 players on roster

The ERSL has clarified with Ontario Soccer the following Operational Procedure change as outlined in their I2020-001 - Approved Game Related and Non-game Related Ontario Soccer Operational Procedures release:

5.8 (pg.34-35)

Update to chart for U13 and older players a Club can register on its team. Youth Outdoor Competitive & Youth Indoor (11v11) have increased from 18 to 20


This change in procedure applies to the number of players who can be registered to your 11v11 Youth Competitive Roster but does not change the number of players who can participate in a game.  The limit on the number of players who can appear on the game sheet and participate in any 11v11 youth competitive game remains at 18.


Both OSCAR and the ERSL website will be adjusted internally to accommodate these new player limits for the 2020 season.

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