ERSL 2020 Rule Adjustments

As we continue to monitor the situation regarding return-to-play and as we each do our best to prepare for a season in some form, we understand that there are concerns and questions regarding League rules that in light of all that we are already facing may create additional headaches and difficulties should we have a 2020 Outdoor season. To help alleviate some of the pressures of getting a season completed, and hopefully help with your planning, the ERSL will be making a number of rule modifications for the 2020 season.  If you have any additional concerns, not covered in the modifications outlined below please reach out to


Summary of rule modifications for the 2020 season:

  • Major flexibility on rescheduling games
  • Easing of fines for forfeiting games
  • Relaxed uniform requirements
  • Increased allowance to 5 play-ups per game
  • No deadline for use of TEPs and STRPs
  • See notes on Grassroots underage players
  • See notes on Promotion and Relegation


The Details

  • Reschedule requests will be handled with greater flexibility overall. Teams will be afforded the opportunity to request to reschedule games that present scheduling issues, in particular where a second designated game day (i.e. Saturday or Sunday) may pose specific issues with team/player availability for religious reasons or other.Teams can reschedule games to any other date with agreement from their opponent.
  • Fines as outlined in the schedule of fees and fines, for forfeiting or failing to appear for a game will be reserved for the most requisite circumstances, including but not limited to when there are field, match official, or travel costs to the non-forfeiting team. Should reasonable efforts be made to reschedule a game and it cannot be accomplished then the forfeiting team will need to provide at least 2 business days’ notice to the League and the opposing team of their forfeit.The game will be recorded as a default and no additional fines will be assessed.If sufficient notice is not provided, then fines may be assessed against the forfeiting team.
  • Uniforms will be considered acceptable should all field members of the same team be wearing the same colour, and all players have a unique number on the back of their ‘uniform’.Pinnies over a t-shirt or t-shirts with numbers for example, will be acceptable should they meet the same colour, unique number, requirement outlined above.
  • Guest player (Play-Up Permits, Temporary Eligibility Permits and Short Term Registration Permits) allowance per game will be increased from three (3) to five (5)
  • Temporary Eligiblity Permits (TEPs) and Short Term Registration Permits (STRPs) may be used for the duration of the season.There will no longer be a July 31st cut-off for their use.


Grassroots (U9-U12) underage players:

  • The EODSA will not require that fast-tracking forms be submitted for permanent underage players (players registered in an older age category than their true age)
  • Occasional underage players will not be limited to 5 play-ups for the season; instead, limits will be based on number of total games per week and will have a suggested limit of 2 games per player, and an absolute limit of 3.
    • Any player who participates in 3 games within a week by necessity (within their own age category or as an underage player) will be expected to do so infrequently.
    • Clubs should do their best to rotate players being used as play-ups and also monitor the frequency of play within a week for each of these players (i.e. try not to have a player playing 3 games on 3 days in a row).

      * The ERSL and EODSA will be monitoring player participation.

  • Occasional underage players (players registered in their true age category but who you wish to use as play-ups to an older age category) will still need to be identified to the ERSL to be made available in the system to add to your game sheets.


Promotion and Relegation

  • Official direction on Promotion and Relegation Policies will come from Ontario Soccer’s Competitions Management Committee (CMC)
  • The ERSL will propose to the CMC that Promotion and Relegation not follow standard procedure at the conclusion of the 2020 season/start of the 2021 season
    • With the CMC’s approval this would mean that we will not relegate any teams and will accept applications for promotion at the conclusion of the 2020 season from any District Competitive 1 teams who wish to seek promotion for the 2021 season.
    • We will compensate for any influx of teams with additional relegations at the conclusion of the 2021 season only


We hope that you see these adjustments as lending themselves to a successful season.


Yours in soccer,

Shannon Holder
General Manager
East Region Soccer League

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