2021 SGM Documents

To the ERSL Family:

We have begun our journey into 2021 excited for a new year and equally determined to adapt in order to get you back on the field. Thank you all for your patience while we have been working hard to reduce our projected expenses in order to provide a lean and sensible budget for the ratification of new membership fees at our February 11th SGM.

As mentioned in the SGM announcement, the registration fee of $390.00 which was ratified at the AGM will be revisited.  We have prepared 2 new budget options which have taken on board your feedback from the information provided on equity credits, and the AGM.  Budget Option 1 presents a Club membership fee of $300.00, a team registration fee of $354.00, and the choice to indefinitely defer or eliminate current equity credits.  Budget Option 2 presents a Club membership fee of $300.00, a team registration fee of $497.00, and the ability for Clubs to use their equity credits in 2021.

As a reminder of the nature and reason for your equity credits we have included the Equity Credits Information document that was sent to Clubs in early January.

The operating budget is now based on a return of 70% of teams, reduced from 80% projected at the AGM and we have cut and eliminated expenses throughout.  If you’d like to make comparisons to see the extent of these cost-cutting measures, we have provided both the budget presented at the AGM, and the budget that was approved for 2020 following the 2019 season, which represents a typical operating budget.

We continue to review and plan for multiple scenarios for play, with the safety of all our participants at the forefront of our minds. While our targeted start date in a typical year is the Victoria Day long weekend, we recognize that this will depend greatly on the direction of health authorities and the state of the pandemic in our own backyard.  To that end, we will remain flexible and adaptable in our planning.

For that reason, we will plan to collect registration fees in installments which will take into consideration prorated software costs that will be based on the number of actual games scheduled.  This will allow us to collect fees with greater flexibility should we have a shortened, modified, or full season; a season of less than 12 games will mean lower registration fees for your teams in the end.  We look forward to continuing discussions with you all in the coming months to collaborate on planning collection dates for fees and our season contingencies.



On behalf of the League Management Board,

Shannon Holder
General Manager
East Region Soccer League

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