2011 Promotion & Relegation - Girls

The ERSL Director of Operations (Girls) has produced the draft divisional set up for the ERSL Girls divisions for 2011. The draft divisional set up assumes all promotions from L5 to L4, and L4 to L3, will be accepted. The draft also incorporates all relegations resulting from the application of the ERSL Promotion and Relegation policy. With regard to the OYSL, it is understood that some clubs have already indicated their intention to accept promotion to the OYSL. However, as we understand it, no official offers of promotion have yet been made by the OYSL. Consequently, the draft provides various scenarios addressing promotion and relegation from the OYSL. The draft can be found here.

The draft is provided for your review. A final version will be provided later in October.
Questions and/or comments regarding the 2011 draft divisional set up should be addressed to the ERSL at admin@ersl.ca

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