2011 U13 Boys and Girls Divisional Setup for L3 & L4

The draft divisional set-ups for 2011 have been revised so that all spots for U13 Boys and U13 Girls are now listed as “to be determined”.  Several Clubs have queried or contested prior decisions (especially for U13 Boys).  

According to OSA Policy, the East Region League Management Committee (ERLMC) has authority for establishing procedures under which U13 Level 3 and Level 4 teams are selected from the U12 Level 5 Leagues (operated by the two Districts -- EODSA and SOSA).  Accordingly, the ERSL has asked the ERLMC to:
(i) review the policies and process it had established for selection of U13 teams, including due consideration of the concerns expressed by several Clubs; and
(ii) make the final decisions about which Clubs are entitled to U13 Level 3 and Level 4 spots for 2011, based on 2010 final standings in the U12 Leagues.

A copy of the divisional setup for 2011 can be downloaded below.

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